We are a small team of parents with a passion for new technologies

At its core, the Bigo Bjuo is a home studio of the owner, Boleslaw Walczyk, with beta-testers on board: kids ages 5 ( daughter ) and 2 ( son ). The rest of the team consists of a designer Marcin Moscicki, and an illustrator Karolina Anderson cooperating on part-time basis.

A bit of a story through the eyes of the founder

Since 2006 till 2013 I had been working in interactive agencies developing, mid to large scaled web projects ( promo sites, contests and games ) for some major brands out there, like Coca-Cola, MTV, Volvo, Nestle, etc. Many of the projects had been awarded with local awards, and some of them with global awards, including two FWA SOTD ( Site of the day ) awards in 2009 and 2011. In 2011 after first iPad had set its roots on the market, the need for rich web experiences started to subside. At the same time the hunger of creating something new, something challenging, something my own just from scratch, had been growing in me, thus pushing my interest toward mobile applications. In mid 2012, with an inspiration from 3 years old daughter, the idea for an App had emerged. Dividing my time between day job and family, there hadn’t been much time left for side projects though. In late 2012, when the opportunity arrived, I left my day job, with intention to devote whatever it takes to turn the idea into the App. I had invited talented graphic designer and very skilled illustrator, both with years of experience in the industry, to cooperate with me, and that was it, the beginning of Bigo Bjuo's adventure.